Best Guitar Capo

No matter the experience, a capo is one of the most essential pieces of gear, something that every guitar player needs to have. The benefits of this small device are obvious, as you may count on much more convenient playing in many ways. Therefore, it is critical to pick a quality capo that won’t affect … Read more

Best Guitar Tuners

Although a small and simple device, a guitar tuner is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for every guitar player.  As the fast and convenient tuning is something we all want. Therefore, the following paragraphs are all about finding the best tuner you can find on the market. Also, we will try to … Read more

Best Wireless guitar system

Best Wireless Systems

What is a wireless guitar system?With guitar technology currently being at it’s pinnacle, one piece of gear that still remains a staple in arenas, stadiums and venues today is the wireless guitar system. Have you ever wished that you were able to move effortlessly on stage? Are you tired of having to untangle your guitar … Read more