Best Acoustic Guitar Strings

Acoustical guitar strings

The importance of guitar strings has been overlooked by guitar players in so many cases. Most guitarists don’t pay too much attention to different string types, not knowing that the right choice could make their playing much more convenient and their guitar sound much better.Therefore, it is very important to be aware of different string … Read more

Best Classical Guitar Strings

Times when strings for classical guitar were made from the gut are a distant past.  These days, classical strings are made from industrial materials, which in practice means much more choices. More choices also mean more confusion for beginners.  Therefore, this article will explain to you the most important things about strings and their characteristics. You … Read more

Best Electric Guitar Strings

In many cases, guitar players see strings as a kind of consumables. Once they break or worn out, they replace them with a new set. During that process, they don’t pay to much attention on different strings features and the fact is that they can affect your playing in so many ways. For example, strings … Read more